Hydro Electric Generator

Coldsweep specializes in cleaning hydroelectric generators of all sizes.

Our customers include: PacifiCorp, PG&E, GE, The Army Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Reclamation and many other respected names in the power generation industry.

For most hydroelectric generator cleaning applications we use a process called dry ice dusting. This process uses sugar-sized particles to gently clean surfaces that would be damaged by traditional dry ice blasting.

For surfaces that can tolerate a more aggressive cleaning action we employ traditional dry ice blasting or high-pressure dry ice blasting.

Containment of the work area is an important aspect of generator cleaning. Coldsweep erects a modular containment system around each generator prior to cleaning to ensure that contaminants are not spread throughout the work area.

HEPA-Filtered air scrubbers are also employed to create a negative-pressure work space that exhausts cleaned air from the containment and keeps any debris from the cleaning process under control.

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