Secondary Waste is a Necessary Evil

There is no getting around the fact that some projects will always require good ol’ fashioned sandblasting service. If your project needs profile or a white-metal finish, dry ice blasting will never get you there. The good news is that sandblasting can be tailored to provide just the effect that you are looking for.

The blast media that Coldsweep uses vary from walnut shell for delicate blasting (but more aggression than dry ice), to crushed glass which is silica-free and made from recycled glass, to aluminum oxide which is the hardest blasting media available. All of these media can be obtained in various grits (from extra fine to very coarse) so Coldsweep can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Nobody likes the mess created by traditional sandblasting, but after you get used to the idea that many projects can’t be done any other way, it is easy to see why Coldsweep still uses traditional sandblasting technology for projects that require the aggression that dry ice blasting can never deliver.

Generator Containment

Taming Your Necessary Evil

While sandblasting can be a messy ordeal, Coldsweep’s technicians are masters at containment and cleanup. If your project can’t be moved outdoors to prevent indoor messes in the first place, our team can assemble a “portable containment room” to enclose the sandblasting area.

One-Two Punch?

Dramatically reduce the cleanup required for preparing the surface of your next project by using our induction stripping process to remove tough coatings like rubber, coal tar or epoxy (generates no secondary waste), then follow that process up with much less sandblasting to create the profile and surface conditions that you require.

Show no mercy to failing coatings and stubborn contaminants—blast them into oblivion!