Coldsweep’s name and legacy are derived from our unique, non-abrasive dry ice blasting processes! We use dry ice made from re-cycled CO2 as a blast media. Each and every dry ice particle that impacts the surface being cleaned expands nearly 800 times as it turns from a solid into a gas. Think of it as small explosions happening all over the surface being cleaned that gently lift coatings or contamination.

Using the cooling effect of dry ice (-109 degrees F.) our team can provide custom-tailored solutions to remove contaminants from surfaces in almost every industry.

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Much Less Mess!

Many companies turn to sandblasting for surface preparation activities—but find that this medium requires practically as much time for cleanup as it does for performing the job. Little grains of sand seem to find a way into every nook and cranny. Not to mention, sandblasting, as its name implies, is an abrasive process. You can think of sandblasting as pecking away at a surface with an ice pick, while dry ice blasting can be compared with using a spatula to lift contaminants from a surface without damaging the underlying substrate.

Dry ice blasting, unlike sandblasting, miraculously produces no secondary waste. The dry ice used by Coldsweep technicians disappears on impact, dramatically simplifying cleanup and minimizing (or in many cases eliminating) the need for containment.

Coldsweep uses this technology to clean hydroelectric generators, gas turbines, coal-fired boilers, switchgear, food processing equipment, and much more! With dry ice blasting, your equipment can be cleaned in place (with minimal dis-assembly). Your facilities and equipment can look new again without creating another mess—a sandy one!—in the process.

Our Services

Coldsweep understands that each surface preparation job requires a different caliber of blasting. Our experienced experts offer many types of uber-cool dry ice blasting, from exceptionally delicate, to relentlessly aggressive:

  • Dry Ice2Dry Ice Dusting: This process is for gentle cleaning. Using sugar-sized grains of dry ice, Coldsweep uses this process to clean everything from hydroelectric generator windings to smoke-damaged books
  • Traditional Dry Ice Blasting: This is the most readily available form of dry ice blasting and uses rice-sized particles of dry ice that disappear on impact. Traditional dry ice blasting is used for easy to remove contaminants like soot, mold in a crawl space or failing paint. Traditional dry ice blasting is performed at pressures below 145 PSI.
  • High-Pressure Dry Ice Blasting: Our standard service, this level of dry ice blasting is for removing ordinary contaminants like tar and asphalt faster or for removing stubborn contaminants that are difficult, if not impossible to remove with traditional dry ice blasting (such as deposits on gas turbine blades). Like Traditional Dry Ice Blasting, High-Pressure Dry Ice Blasting utilizes rice-sized dry ice particles, but accelerates them to dramatically higher velocities, using pressures of up to 300 PSI!

At Coldsweep, we love using these mind-bending technologies for practical applications. Our experienced team has found that dry ice blasting can help many industries, including power generation, mining, oil & gas, food processing, historic and disaster restoration, and more.

Need a dry ice blasting contractor to clean your equipment? Coldsweep provides dry ice blasting services to some of the most respected names in business. It would be an honor to provide one or more of our innovative surface preparation services to help you solve your most pressing problems. Contact our team to get started!