With game-changing technologies—dry ice cleaning and induction stripping—Coldsweep has been able to assist a rich diversity of industries. Our service can be used for a variety of applications: hydroelectric generators, tank farms, food processing equipment, historic structures, and even delicate projects like cleaning smoke damaged books. With virtually endless applications, dry ice blasting and induction stripping are transforming the range of possibilities when it comes to surface preparation.

Coldsweep has performed work for almost every industry, but we specialize in the following:

  • Power Generation
  • Food Processing
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining

Coldsweep has thousands of examples, and is delighted to work with industries that require our services! We are thrilled to see our services fill different needs for each new company we explore a relationship with.

Coldsweep has been providing dry ice blasting and induction stripping services to some of the most respected names in business since 2001. It would be an honor to help you solve some of your difficult surface preparation problems. We have thousands of photos and videos from previous projects that document the tough surface prep solution we have tackled for our customers. Chances are pretty good that if we haven’t done what you are looking for, we will at least have done something similar!

If you need a new approach to cleaning, or coatings removal, Coldsweep has the expertise to deliver appropriate solutions for you.

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