How Induction Stripping Works

Coldsweep simplifies your coatings removal needs with yet another revolutionary technology: Induction Stripping! Coldsweep’s induction stripping equipment removes your toughest coatings from steel structures with no noise or secondary waste—getting right down to the steel.

If you have ever wished for a magic wand to solve your coatings removal headaches, Coldsweep has the next best thing. Coldsweep technician can wave our induction wand over your coating catastrophe and dis-bond some of the hardest to remove coatings at rates that are up to 10 times faster than competing technologies like sandblasting.

It’s not magic, but our induction stripping technology is a close second! When Coldsweep technicians move our induction head over a steel surface, it creates sufficient heat (typically 300 to 400 degrees) to quickly unbond most coatings from tanks, tankers, pipelines, ships and offshore platforms, allowing coatings (up to 1-inch thick) to be removed in sheets.


Coldsweep’s jaw-dropping induction dis-bonding process removes most coating types, including:

  • Coal Tar Epoxy
  • Polyethylene
  • Fiberglass

  • Anti-skid
  • Rubber
  • Chartek fireproofing or other intumescent coatings

Faster, Quieter, Cleaner, Safer Surface Preparation

Some might say induction stripping is the “quick and dirty” way to get the job done, but truthfully it’s quick, and not messy at all. Because induction stripping creates no secondary waste, cleanup is simplified. Dealing with sheets or strips of coating is infinitely easier than dealing with blast media and dust.

In many cases, containment can be simplified or eliminated altogether. Imagine eliminating a costly scaffolding and containment project and replacing it with a snorkel lift and a drop cloth!

Other trades can work in close proximity to Coldsweep’s induction stripping activities because it is a very quiet process that will not create obnoxious noises that disrupt the productivity of other contractors you may have working on your project.

Our induction stripping equipment has no moving parts, making our process much safer than hydro-blasting or sandblasting for your employees, other contractors, customers and passersby.

Getting Started

Need to dramatically simplify your next coating removal process? Coldsweep would welcome the opportunity to be the induction stripping contractor for your next project.