Hydroelectric Generator Maintenance and Cleanup

Coldsweep specializes in cleaning hydroelectric generators of all sizes. Hydroelectric generator maintenance is crucial. This helps ensure longevity and smooth functioning.

Our customers include: PacifiCorp, PG&E, GE, The Army Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Reclamation and many other respected names in the power generation industry. We would love to include you in the list.

What Does Coldsweep Do?

For most hydroelectric generator cleaning applications we use a process called dry ice dusting. This process uses sugar-sized particles to gently clean surfaces that would be damaged by traditional dry ice blasting. Essentially, this allows us to clean older and more delicate generators. 

For surfaces that can tolerate a more aggressive cleaning action we employ traditional dry ice blasting or high-pressure dry ice blasting. In other words, this allows us to work more quickly. High pressure blasting provides a quick and thorough clean. 

Hydroelectric Generator Containment

Containment of the work area is an important aspect of generator cleaning. Coldsweep erects a modular containment system around each generator prior to cleaning to ensure that contaminants are not spread throughout the work area. Above all, this allows other trades to work around the generator simultaneously. Coldsweep technicians work to clean with minimal impact. 

HEPA-Filtered air scrubbers are also employed to create a negative-pressure work space that exhausts cleaned air from the containment and keeps any debris from the cleaning process under control. That is to say that a vacuum is essentially created. This keeps contaminants inside of the containment. Less slippery surfaces makes for a safer work environment for everyone. 

What Can Coldsweep Do for Me?

Coldsweep looks forward to working with new customers. We would love the opportunity to help maintain your hydroelectric generator. These projects are often difficult. However, Coldsweep technicians thrive under these circumstances. In conclusion, we do quality work and we do it quickly.