Coating Removal with Coldsweep: Quick and Clean

Stubborn stain? Spilled asphalt? Failed fiberglass? Bubbling epoxy? Coatings are an essential part of equipment’s longevity. They are built to last and difficult to remove. What do you do when a coating fails and needs to come off? Coldsweep offers a variety of services for difficult coating removal situations. Dry Ice Blasting Dry ice blasting […]

2020: Induction Stripping it Down

Coldsweep has been busy! We have been using induction stripping, dry ice blasting, and wet abrasive blasting to solve myriad cleaning problems over the past year. After a busy year, we’ll cover a few projects that have us excited for the future. Induction stripping is one of our most thrilling processes. Imagine being able to […]