2020: Induction Stripping it Down

Coldsweep has been busy! We have been using induction stripping, dry ice blasting, and wet abrasive blasting to solve myriad cleaning problems over the past year. After a busy year, we’ll cover a few projects that have us excited for the future.

Induction stripping is one of our most thrilling processes. Imagine being able to remove a tough coating with zero noise or moving parts! Due to this we are able to work quickly and safely to prepare a surface for inspection or a new coating. Check out the process!

Above all, this process helps us work safely. What other benefits are there? Firstly, it allows for faster removal rates than conventional methods such as sandblasting or water jetting. Second, induction stripping allows you to remove coatings without airborne contaminants. Containing dust and debris is simple, it simply peels off the surface.

How will you know if induction stripping is right for you? You need to start with a ferrous metal (stainless steel won’t work). In other words, if you can stick a magnet to it, we can strip it. Give the office a call at 801-876-5432 if you have any questions.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a huge part of who we are as a company. One of our favorite projects is cleaning hydro electric generators. Coldsweep has taken on several energy projects from the Mountain West all the way up to Washington over the past year.

In addition, Coldsweep has spent time on lead abatement projects over the past year. Dry ice blasting works well for this situation because it produces no secondary waste. Above all, it helps the process remain clean.

If you have any questions, reach out and contact the team! We’d be thrilled to discuss our technologies. In conclusion, helping our customers solve problems makes for a great year.